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Landscape Design Experts Serving Residents Around St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, MO & Edwardsville, IL

Transform, enhance, and revitalize the appearance of your landscape today with Deck & Patio living. We are more than just an outdoor living space and hardscaping company; we are a team of the most dedicated and skilled individuals that are committed to delivering nothing short of quality work. From paver patios to walkways, driveways and retaining walls, Deck & Patio Living guarantees you will get the most detailed and elaborate hardscape in the St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, MO and Edwardsville, IL area.

Paver patios are a great way to turn your backyard into the perfect relaxation and entertainment spot. We can tailor and customize our paver patios to match the rest of your landscape and we can even add a seating wall! To make your patio and landscape look even more striking to your family and guests, add a unique walkway to it that leads to your home. Adding a walkway creates a safe path for your everyone to travel on when walking back and forth throughout the day and also allows you to direct people to use your outdoor living space the way you want. Don’t have an appealing entryway for your paver walkway to lead to? We also can create entryways with decorative steps. Or, add an attractive and unique driveway to compliment your landscape and home with our concrete paver service. With our wide selection of materials, design options and styles, we can ensure you that your new landscape will be everything you dreamed of and more!

Landscaping design services we offer:

  • Paver patios
  • Walkways
  • Paver driveways
  • Front entryways
  • Stone steps
  • Retaining walls & garden walls

Here at Deck & Patio Living, we thrive on creating some of the countries most beautiful landscapes right here around the St. Louis area. We want to help each and every homeowner take full advantage of their property. Our retaining wall installation service helps homeowners achieve this. We offer garden walls to surround or separate sections of your garden along with small to large retaining walls to level off a slope in your yard. Our Deck & Patio Living professionals are advanced retaining wall experts and can deliver a strong and durable wall. Garden and retaining walls last for countless years and have very minimal maintenance expenses, making them a great addition to your landscape. We offer a variety of materials, styles and colors for our retaining walls so you can have a wall that matches the rest of your landscape perfectly.

Deck & Patio Living is one of the best teams in the Missouri and Illinois area for all of your landscaping design needs and desires. Don’t let your backyard go to waste and start taking full advantage of your property with Deck & Patio Living. Contact us here for a completely free design consultation and quote!

What our clients say about us

Low cost, huge improvement

Retaining walls and paver patios require minimal maintenance and are a very cost effective way to enhance your backyard.

Backyard Expansion

Retaining walls can level off a slope in your backyard and expand the area where your entertain, play and relax.